How does the design process of a wedding gown starts?

On the first meeting with Pureza the bride may bring some ideas she already has, and talk a little about her wedding. The bride may bring a list of dresses from the collection she wants to try on. At this stage, both get acquainted and build a starting point for designing the dress. It is possible that some prototipes are tried on as to help with visualization and to decide what looks best on the bride, as well as to show the drapping of the several fabrics we work with.

If the bride doesn’t choose a dress from the collection and wants one custom made, a second meeting takes place (two weeks after the first one) and Pureza will show some designs and the estimated cost is calculated. The second meeting implies a 100€ payment (this amount is later taken from the dress cost). This is when big decisions are made: fabrics, materials, cuts and details. We recommend that the bride selects two or three guests whose opinion she values. Although we don’t limit the number of guests, in the event of a large party we recommend that they attend a third fitting instead.

How many fittings are usually needed for a bespoke dress?

We need 3 fittings for a bespoke dress: the first to adjust the patterns and measurements to the body; the second with all the chosen fabrics (lace included if applied): the third to pin the hem (shoes mandatory!) and all the finishings touches (buttons, zippers, etc).

And for a dress from the collection?

For a dress from our collection two fittings are enough.

What is the price for a bespoke dress? and a dress from the collection?

For bespoke dresses the prices start at 2000€ plus the selected materials. The collection dresses cost, on average, 20% less due to the lack of exclusivity.

Do you customize vintage dresses?

Yes! We work a lot with vintage dresses that we costumize according to a design made by Pureza.

How long beforehand should I schedule my appointment?

The ideal time depends on a multitude of factors, like your availability for fittings, how complex the model is and the wedding date (high season requires a bit more time) but 6 to 9 months is enough for a pleasant experience. However, please do call us even if you have less time and we’ll give you an answer ASAP.

Lets do it!! What should I do now?

After accepting our proposal, you should make a payment of 50% of you total by bank transfer, card, cash or cheque/check. This amount is non-refundable. The remaining 50% will be settled on the delivery.

Do you also make dresses for the maid of honor and guests?

We have a lot of dresses for guests, maids-of-honor, and everyone in between. Since we currently don’t have the chance to make them (our brides take all out time!!), we have a collection of ready-to-wear. We strive to have dresses to cater to all shapes, sizes and ages. We take in and hem with no additional charge and the prices are between 80€ and 380€.


Yes, we accept. The return must be made by CTT registered mail and is a responsibility of the client. Only returns that comply with the following conditions are accepted:

– the parts must be in their original state and unused, (we reserve the right to decide if the parts show signs of use);

– all Atelier labels must be in the same state in which they were delivered;

– the tapes of the pieces (hangings) must be intact;

– the date of delivery on the return package seal is within the time limit set by law (14 calendar days – followed – from the day the part was delivered to the address indicated on the order).


(in cm) XS S M L XL
Chest 84 89 93 98 104
Under Chest 71 76 81 87 93
Waist 64 68 74 79 85
Hip 92 96 99 104 110